Schwan Cosmetics presents a world premiere in Paris

Schwan Cosmetics keeps its promise to create ‘Tomorrow’s Beauty. Now.’ by rewriting the history of wooden cosmetics pencils.

The company’s innovative, brand-new technology allows the use of high-tech ingredients in a wooden pencil.

This unique blend of the best of both worlds – environmental consciousness through a wood pencil paired with outstanding formulas is an industry first.

The new eco-friendly PERFECT pencils are made of renewable wood and are uniquely designed to hold the finest, top-performing formulas on the market.

A further highlight is the innovative worry-free safety-lock cap which keeps the formula fresh.

This PERFECT combination was selected for the Innovation Tree 2018.

At MakeUp in Paris, booth #K16, visitors will experience the next generation of wooden cosmetic pencils for eyes, brows and lips – a world premiere!

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