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Sephora introduces AI-powered digital mirror to Spanish flagship

By Becky Bargh | Published: 28-Mar-2019

In partnership Wildbytes, the new service is said to deliver ‘hyper’ personalised experiences for its customers

Sephora is enhancing its in-store experience with a new digital mirror at its Madrid flagship, Spain.

Using smart engine technology, developed by experiential innovation agency Wildbytes, the mirror is said to be able to understand personal attributes of the shopper including gender, age, look and style.

In turn, this will deliver ‘hyper’ personalised beauty recommendations for customers, including lipsticks and eyeshadows, and will display its QR code to find in-store or shop online.

Sephora introduces AI-powered digital mirror to Spanish flagship

In addition, the mirror offers recommendations influenced by the climate, season and trending items.

Commenting on the new launch Wildbytes’ Managing Director, Daniel Torrico, said: “Currently, we find personalisation in online experiences but not their physical counterparts, which is a hugely missed opportunity.

“Our aim was to make the shopping experience more relevant and fun, thereby shortening the purchase cycle.”

The mirror will remain a permanent feature in Sephora’s Madrid flagship, according to Torrico.

Sephora introduces AI-powered digital mirror to Spanish flagship

Albert Giménez, Wildbytes’ Head of Retail, added: “The main challenge was perfecting the speed and depth of the experience.

“We studied the pace and flow of the in-store environment to create an experience that is meaningful without being too convoluted or taking too much time from the consumer.”

He continued: “There’s a lot of potential for this technology, not just in retail, but also across other industries, so we look forward to seeing how this area develops.”

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