Soil Association launches Organic Beauty Week with ‘small swap’ plea


Three quarters of consumers would swap habits to reduce environmental impact

The Soil Association is launching this year’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week campaign with a plea to consumers to make small swaps to their personal care routine to make a positive change to the environment.

The initiative, which will run from 9-14 September aims to encourage consumers to look at the environmental impact of their day to day beauty and wellness products on the planet and swap to organic alternatives that are kinder to the earth.

It found that 73% of shoppers would change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment, with 42% of beauty consumers saying they buy natural and organic products because they believe they are better for the planet.

The natural and organic beauty and wellbeing market remains a largely unregulated sector with a handful of voluntary private certification bodies, such as the Soil Association, operating in a growing market.

According to a 2018 global survey by Neilson, 51% of global beauty and personal care launches last year made natural, environmental or ethical claims.

The Soil Association says it encourages consumers to look for a certifiers’ logo to ensure the greatest level of transparency, integrity, provenance and quality in a product.

“With so much confusion and mistrust out in the world today we want to support people to make small swaps in their beauty and wellbeing routine, to make a world of difference,” said Georgia Barnes, Senior Business Development Manager at Soil Association Certification.

“The One Small Swap campaign is activist led, making positive change and small swaps.

“It’s about brands that promote provenance and transparency, it’s about making the first step in a bigger movement that’s striving for a more sustainable way of living.” 

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