Stephenson gets back to nature with launch of new range of ingredients

Published: 10-Apr-2018

Stephenson Personal Care will exhibit at in-cosmetics Amsterdam 2018, at stand G322

A Yorkshire based manufacturer of speciality bases and ingredients has unveiled its latest range of natural ingredients which could help revolutionise the personal care and cosmetics markets.

The Durosoft portfolio of ingredients from Stephenson Personal Care, part of the Stephenson Group, is a unique range of naturally derived monoglyceryl and polyglyceryl esters which uses state of the art technology to provide natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients found in many cosmetic and personal care products.

Natural and sustainable ingredients are key drivers in the global personal care and cosmetics market. With the market’s estimated valued at $350 billion with an annual growth of 5%, pressure has been mounting from consumers for the industry to clean up its environmental act.

From its manufacturing base in Leeds, Stephenson Personal Care has pioneered nine new naturally derived Durosoft esters which includes emulsifiers, thickeners, emollients and solubilisers.

The launch of Durosoft is an exciting new development in the personal care and cosmetics markets as it has been developed to allow manufacturers and brands to meet the growing demands of consumers who are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. The diverse product range includes natural and RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) ingredients.

Durosoft was developed by the technical innovation chemists at Stephenson Personal Care in direct response to the increasing demand for natural products and gives cosmetics and personal care product formulators as innovative solutions for current formulations as well as future R&D.

Michaela Daubney, Technical Business Development Manager at Stephenson Personal Care commented: “Attitudes towards living greener lifestyles are combining with many people wanting customisable sustainable solutions tailored to their specific needs. Transparency surrounding sourcing methods, production, ingredients and overall sustainability practices is key to maintaining loyalty and securing repeat business from future customers.

Stephenson Personal Care has already gained a pioneering reputation for speciality soap bases and now with Durosoft has established itself in the natural ingredients sector.”

The benefits of manufacturers switching to Durosoft are considerable, explains Michaela: “overall the portfolio of ingredients covers a wide range of HLB values and can be used in combination with each other to achieve the specific required HLB of formulation.

All of the ingredients are skin friendly, PEG and EO free with no deleterious effect on temperature sensitive ingredients, and switching to these natural ingredients enhances brand image as it reaffirms the manufacturer’s reputation as a sustainable producer.”

Durosoft Product Range information

Durosoft Product Range information

*Durosoft is registered trademark ingredient of Stephenson Personal Care

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