Superdrug brings DNA testing to high street with new link up

The test from CircleDNA is said to deliver more than 500 personalised reports across 20 genetic categories, including beauty elements such as skin ageing and pigmentation

Health and beauty retailer Superdrug has brought DNA testing to the high street with a new partnership.

The test from CircleDNA can deliver more than 500 personalised reports across 20 genetic categories including beauty elements such as skin ageing, wrinkles and pigmentation, and health categories.

The DNA test can also determine if skin cells can deflect UV rays, suggesting whether customers might need to use a higher SPF factor.

CircleDNA stated: “The skin care products found over the counter are great at controlling skin care concerns once you notice them, so DNA testing is central to understand what your skin needs and the products you should buy.”

Alongside the launch, a complementary app will inform users on how to manage their health and understand their results in the context of their lifestyle.

Users will also be able to book consultations with counsellors and dieticians via the app.

Earlier this month, Codex Beauty launched an ingredients database, in partnership with DNA testing site Orig3n, to assess how user’s genetics might affect their skin.

The beauty test analyses genes that are associated with various skin attributes such as dryness, acne, inflammation and flakiness.

Meanwhile, Geneu offers personalised skin care profiles and ‘prescriptions’ based on a DNA saliva swab.

Customers can buy the test in Superdrug stores and online at for £499.