Superdrug reveals peelable nail file

By Sarah Parsons 18-Jan-2017

Originally patented by Revlon, the nail file contains four layers to peel off

Superdrug reveals peelable nail file

A.S. Watson retailer Superdrug is tapping into the era of smart beauty with its new Peelable Nail File (£2.99).

The tool contains four layers that the consumer can peel off when the emery board is all used up.

Available from 22 March in the retailer’s Studio London collection, the file comes in one set of colours with each new layer revealing a different colour.

Given the four combined surfaces the manicure tool should be more economical for the consumer – £1 cheaper than buying the equivalent number of regular files within the range.

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The retailer is not the first to launch this innovation. A peelable nail file design was originally invented by Adriana Kliegman, Hussain Qurashi, Krystyne M Biser, Antonette Bivona for Revlon who patented the design in May 2014.