Sustainable packaging solutions: Protecting the planet from plastic pollution 

In this month’s eco report Cosmetics Business scours the sector for the alternative plastic packaging solutions gripping the industry 

Plastic pollution has directly affected more than 800 coastal and thalassic creatures

Plastic pollution is fast becoming one of the most discussed topics of the 20th century, and will take its place in history books as, arguably, one of the most devastating environmental epidemics the world has ever seen. 

Today, there are almost 270,000 tonnes of plastic in the world, and around 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic. This pollution costs the world around £1.9 trillion a year due to the declining benefits humans derive from oceans, according to a survey by Marine Pollution Bulletin, and has infiltrated the human food chain, due to the amount of microplastic now found in aquatic ecosystems.

Not only has the devastation impacted human lives, but marine life has been forced to suffer the brunt of the repercussions. Plastic pollution has directly affected more than . . .

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