Swallowfield taps into 'dirty weekend trend’


Summer festivals drive growth in convenience products

Full service C&T provider for brands and retailers Swallowfield says it has seen a spike in contracts for its 48-hour heat responsive deodorant and dry shampoo formulations over the last 12 months, representing a 100% increase on the previous year.

Dubbing this the ‘dirty weekend trend’, Swallowfield says it’s a reflection of time-pressed society’s struggle to balance the demands of daily life, as well as the convenience needed by festival goers.

“Convenience is king,” says Swallowfield chief executive Ian Mackinnon. “More and more we’re seeing a distinct trend towards products that have characteristics that make life easier for the consumer.”

In addition the company cites a resurgence of the ‘just got out of bed’ look and bird’s nest hair on catwalks at this year’s shows as drivers behind dry shampoos. “Tracking market and consumer trends is a valuable part of what we do,” adds Mackinnon. “By doing this we have the intelligence to enable us to constantly innovate our concepts, formulations, packaging and design to ensure our customers’ product have a leading edge and deliver results for both client and consumer.”

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