Sytheon obtains a new US patent on Synoxyl AZ (Acetyl Zingerone)


Sytheon obtains a new US patent on Synoxyl AZ (Acetyl Zingerone)

US Patent: 10,568,819
Assignee: Sytheon
Title: Skin Enhancing Compositions and Methods
Commercial Product: Synoxyl AZ (Acetyl Zingerone)

Compositions and methods are described to improve skin appearance by building and defending its function and integrity through reducing up-stream and scavenging down-stream oxidative pathways as well as through recalibrating the expression of genes, proteins, genetic networks and cellular pathways in mammalian skin.

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Specifically, select aryl alkanones have been found to induce/produce beneficial effects in skin by elevating the skin's defense against UV- and air pollutant-induced damage and reversing skin photo- and/or chronological damage through up-regulation/stimulation of select genes/proteins, especially those associated with or impacting upon the extracellular matrix (ECM) and the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ); by up-regulating tissue inhibitory metalloproteases; by reducing oxidative stress and inhibiting activity of matrix metalloproteases; and by protecting DNA.

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