Talk the talk: Using language to your brand's advantage

Relative Insight talks about how the right language can be a powerful tool in advertising

Communicating with your target market using words it can relate to is half the marketing battle won. Relative Insight’s Chief Marketing Officer Rich Wilson talks to Cosmetics Business about how language means power in the cosmetics industry and uses Olay as an example

Rich Wilson

Can you explain what Relative Insight does?
Relative Insight provides language analysis for brands and agencies in order to identify language variations between consumer groups. Using algorithms and a technology platform originally developed to catch online criminals, Relative Insight can track the use of language on social media sites, forums and blogs.

The way our platform works is to compare huge language sets against each other very quickly to uncover the subtle but important differences between them. We’re democratising access to this kind of research, putting it in the hands of marketers to execute themselves in minutes rather than having to rely on months of external consultancy. So in this example we have models for Generation Z and millennials, which are used to compare brands or other consumer groups against. We also compare them against each other.

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