The future of e-commerce in natural and organic beauty

The natural and organic beauty industry is booming, so what should brands consider when entering the online sphere?

Liz McCarthy

Natural and organic beauty brands are taking on the world of e-commerce with gusto, with own-brand websites and multi-brand e-tailers providing the perfect platforms to sell products and, crucially, educate consumers.

Here, Liz McCarthy, CEO of luxury natural and organic beauty e-tailer, talks to Cosmetics Business about the challenges of selling natural and organic online and the products that are top sellers on her site.

How competitive is the natural and organic beauty e-commerce market, and why do you think this is?

We are in the midst of a natural beauty evolution that is rapidly becoming a revolution. For years there has been an awareness of the hazards of synthetic chemicals hidden within personal care products, and a market for more natural alternatives. This trend is . . .

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