The latest Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream

Published: 14-Aug-2019

The main ingredients for Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream is γ-PGA natto collagen, the main component, natto, was confirmed as an ingredient with outstanding skin care effects in a Japanese report back in 1983.

γ-PGA, polyglutamic acid extracted from the fermentation process of natto, has triple moisturizing effects that can help the skin to absorb water from the environment, increase cell moisture, Natto also contains vitamin B2 that promotes cell regeneration and vitamin B6 that controls sebum secretion with whitening, anti-aging, and anti-edema effects.

Gold Yumehada is a product of sensitive skin. We know that skin problems may affect the social life of many people. Many people spend a lot of money to improve skin problems. Not many products on the market can really solve these problems until they meet Gold Yumehada.

A set of 4 products can be targeted. Wrinkles, spots, acne, sagging skin, yellow face, dry skin and other issues can solve your problems in a short period of time and regain social confidence.

48 years of inheritance, and the latest scientific research and manufacturing in Japan, for generations of people, only to achieve natural whitening, extreme moisturizing, Japan's natural hot spring water plus natto extract, only to produce high-quality skin care products.

Everyone says: One white covers every ugly! Every woman wants to have a natural beauty, white and smooth, let people never forgot their face. Women can accept not beautiful but cannot accept to have the poor skin. Most of the women know the importance of make-up, but they don't want to occupy their sleeping time in the morning.

They don't want to occupy the extra time to remove the make up at night. They knew it will cause irreversible damage to the skin in the long run. Just use the simple step for Gold Yumehada products during every day, you will never change to the other products.

Especially for the hero product of Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream, one touch and white, no need to remove makeup, long-term use can also rejuvenate skin, no need to worry about irreversible damage to your skin.

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