The latest features for SpecKare PO (Pirotone Olamine)

Published: 17-Sep-2019

Below are a list of features of the latest SpecKare ingredient

Raw materials quality control

  • Adopt Japanese quality of raw materials to produce
  • SpecChem also autonomously synthesize part of core raw materials to ensure high purity (99.5%), low impurities and production sustainability.

No potential risk impurities

  • The residue of N-nitrosodiethanolamine is strictly controlled, resulted as not detected under test limit of 10ppb.
  • Refining, drying and packaging are completed in 100,000 level GMP purification plant. The appearance of SpecKareTM PO is uniform, fine white fine crystalline powder, no bad solvent smell, no particles or dust.

The stability test in formulation approved SpecKareTM PO is stable, without decomposition.

Low irritation:

  • 0.5% dosage of SpecKare PO showed no eyes irritation and no skin irritation
  • Suitable for products claims no tears formulation.

Strong antiseptic functions

  • SpecKare PO showed its affective antiseptic functions in both common microorganism, see MIC test report
  • SpecKare PO also showed its outstanding functions in inhibiting Malassezia and Acne propionate.

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