This is how much teenagers spend on make-up a year – and it trumps their mothers

By Sarah Parsons 4-Dec-2017

The value of beauty products found in a Generation Z's make-up bag may be an eye-watering figure for many parents

The average British teenager’s make-up bag is worth more than £400 – double the value of their mother’s, according to new research.

A study by revealed that mothers aged 35 and over, valued their make-up bag at £180, whereas their daughters living at home aged under 19 had a bag worth £425.

The top three products that the 2,469 mothers spent the most on each year were revealed to be lipstick (£50), foundation (£45) and moisturiser (£40).

Meanwhile daughters splurged the most on mascara (£180), foundation (£155) and eyeshadow palettes (£105).

Generation Z's expensive spending habits are likely to have been influenced by social media, as well as their peers, the report suggested.

The study also revealed that 37% of mothers are likely to borrow products from their daughters.

George Charles, Marketing Director for, commented: “Make-up has evolved a lot over the last few years; many women are gaining the confidence to use their make-up as a form of self-expression.

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“It’s more than a daily necessity for some, it’s an art form – although we’re sure some would like it to be a little less expensive.”


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