Tried and tested aerosol packaging and catering to consumer demands

Published: 26-Nov-2018

For decades, the aerosol can has proved itself to be a reliable and trusted pack format, gradually developing over a range of product categories. But what are manufacturers now doing in terms of innovation, catering to consumer demands and sustainability?

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Since the aerosol was invented in 1929, it has been a tried and tested packaging format across a wide range of product categories.

According to the British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (BAMA), there are approximately 200 different uses for aerosols across the personal care, household & cleaning and furnishings & paintings markets, as well as for medical devices and inhalers.

In Europe alone, 5 billion aerosols have been sold, with the UK being the largest filler in the continent and third largest in the world after the US and China, producing 27% of all aerosols made.

Over 85 years the format has confirmed its popularity. There has been steady growth in the personal care market, which has been developing since the 1950s when the first deodorants, hairsprays and shaving foams were launched, followed by antiperspirants in 1965, hair mousses in 1986 and shaving gels, bathroom mousses and shower gels in 1987.

Modifications on the format size were introduced in 2013 when compressed aerosols were launched, providing a more sustainable alternative to the standard sizes.

The aerosol cans market has been classified into aluminium, steel, plastic and 'others', which includes glass

The end-use industry

The personal care sector is projected to be the largest in the aerosol cans market with factors such as the rise in disposable incomes, change in consumer lifestyles and demand for convenience products, as well as presentation and differentiation increasing the usage of aerosol cans.

"BAMA members use technology that has

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