VMI and YTRON-QUADRO (UK) Limited at Making Cosmetics

Visit their booth 216

VMI and YTRON-QUADRO (UK) Limited are pleased to welcome you on their booth 216. They will exhibit, among other machines, the TURBOTEST, a versatile bench-top mixer with a ground-breaking range of mixing and homogenizer heads to suit all applications.

For more than 60 years, VMI is the worldwide specialist of mixing cosmetics products, from laboratory to production. It developed a unique know-how in terms of rheology of mixtures of solid, liquid and doughy materials. Applied to the liquids and pasty mixes, this know-how ranges from basic maintaining in suspension processes to perfect homogenizations, mass transfers, dilutions, or intensive malaxing. Starting from a perfect understanding of your processes, we serve the industry from the design to the commissioning of the mixers we offer.