Vantage Personal Care introduces Liponate Jojoba 20 for sensitive skin-friendly formulations

Published: 15-Jan-2021

Vantage is expanding its globally recognised range of jojoba esters with Liponate Jojoba 20 (INCI: Jojoba Esters)

According to Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of consumers globally say they are willing to pay more for sustainable and transparent brands.

In the personal care market, the need for increased traceability is not only influenced by food trends, but also resonates with the overall natural transformation that the industry has faced over the past decade and the recent push for “cleaner” formulations.

As more and more consumers embrace a more radical vision of what transparency means in the cosmetic world, Vantage is committed to offering ingredients that combine high performance and visible benefits with the highest degree of traceability.

Traceable with visible benefits

Vantage is expanding its globally recognised range of jojoba esters with Liponate Jojoba 20 (INCI: Jojoba Esters), a new jojoba-derived emollient that addresses the need for vegan formulations with high level of traceability and naturality.

Liponate Jojoba 20 is a new oil-free emollient that transforms the sensorial profile of formulations to add softness, spreadability, and a subtle thickness resulting in a delightful melting sensation upon application.

More than just an emollient, this multi-functional ingredient, has been substantiated to help protect sensitive skin and damaged hair. When tested on damaged skin, Liponate Jojoba 20 restored hydration levels in only 4 hours!

Additional testing on the reduction of trans-epidermal water loss and skin redness further confirm the relevance of Liponate Jojoba 20 for brands designing formulations for people with sensitive skin in mind.

COSMOS-certified Liponate Jojoba 20 is 100% traceable, From Farms to Formulations, thanks to the complete integration of Vantage in jojoba oil and its derivatives.

Jojoba seeds are sustainably grown and harvested on Vantage farms in Argentina and the USA. Jojoba oil is then extracted and transformed following a proprietary esterification process that meets the criteria of green chemistry in order to create Liponate Jojoba 20.

This complete control of the transformation chain of jojoba oil, from harvest to quality control, leads to best-in-class quality jojoba esters.

Liponate Jojoba 20 is one of the latest examples of new ingredients launched by Vantage Personal Care that highlights its commitment to the highest sustainability standards.

The company was also recently awarded gold status by Ecovadis, as it continues its effort to best address its customers’ demand for natural ingredients with complete traceability and total supply-security.

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