Vegetarian Society launches beauty industry vegan stamp

By Sarah Parsons 6-Apr-2017

Launched earlier this month, the charity is currently in talks with cosmetics brands to use the independently certified trademark

Beauty brands hoping to tap into the growing consumer taste for all things plant-based can now stamp products with the Vegetarian Society’s new vegan trademark.

“An ever increasing number of consumers are showing interest in the ingredients used by manufacturers in all aspects of their life, not just the kitchen,” Vanessa Brown, Head of Business and Catering Services at the Vegetarian Society, said to Cosmetics Business.

“As a result, our new vegan trademark has enormous potential in the beauty and cosmetic sector.”

The educational charity remains tight-lipped on which beauty brands have shown interest in the trademark, but says there has been plenty of interest.

“With consumers awareness in plant-based lifestyles growing, we’ve experienced interest from brands in the beauty sector who want to assure consumers that their products are free from animal ingredients,” said Brown.

Brands hoping to apply for accreditation must prove they are free from animal-derived ingredients, cross-contamination during production, GMOs and animal testing either directly or via commissioned processes.

The current Vegetarian Society Approved trademark is said to be used on more than 15,000 products and the vegan stamp is predicted to be just as successful.

The decision to introduce the trademark comes as increasing numbers of consumers across the UK choose to opt for an entirely animal-free lifestyle, with Google reporting the number of 'vegan beauty' searches rising steadily.

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Euromonitor International, on a global scale, predicts that the market for free from foods will reach a record $1 trillion this year.


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