Vytrus introduces the skin remodelling system: the Liposculpture

Published: 6-Jun-2023

Nature is Vytrus Biotech source of inspiration to discover new cosmetic concepts and biotechnology enhances us to create skin and hair care actives based on innovation and sustainability

Vytrus Biotech proposes the new concept of ‘Liposculpting’: a plant biotechnology strategy based on adipokines biomimicking. This active works through a skin remodelling system that reduces fat while using intercellular energy released on fat burning to boost the tissue firmness.

Sarcoslim Re-Shape™, awarded at in-cosmetics Global 2019  for the Gold Best Green Ingredient, redefines the skin care concept from the “inside” - a skin remodelling system that consists of reducing fat while taking advantage of the intercellular energy released to tighten and firm the skin tissue.

Vytrus is actively engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility program, collaborating with the University of Jaén to protect and conserve endangered species of the genus Sarcocapnos. Through this partnership, Vytrus has developed Sarcoslim Re-Shape™, an active ingredient respectfully derived from one of the most endangered plant species. The research aims to preserve and reintroduce these plants into their natural habitat, contributing to the overall conservation of the genus in the Iberian Peninsula.

Are you working on your next cosmetic formulations for reduction of rebel volumes and anti-cellulites treatments for skin care? Discover more about Sarcoslim Re-Shape™ – Sculpt your Curves At Will, a 100% natural active that unveils a plant strategy to use the potential of Plasma Rich Cell Factors (PRCF) from Sarcocapnos crassifolia stem cells to achieve a smart and targeted sliming, having a simultaneous impact on skin regeneration and repair.

Find out more about this COSMOS-approved and China compliant innovation inspired by nature and empowered by a sustainable plant biotechnology HERE!

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