Walgreens expands on-demand delivery across US during Covid-19 crisis

By Becky Bargh 2-Apr-2020

The health and personal care retailer has teamed up with food delivery service Postmates to deliver items to 47 states across the US

Walgreens expands on-demand delivery across US during Covid-19 crisis

Health and personal care care retailer Walgreens has expanded its on-demand delivery service across America as the country grapples with the spread of Covid-19.

In a new partnership with food delivery service Postmates, Walgreens will deliver over-the-counter medications, household essentials and convenience products to consumers nationwide, excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

“During these challenging times, our customers need alternate options to get the essential products they need,” said Walgreens’ President Richard Ashworth.

“By expanding our delivery service collaboration with Postmates, more customers can get what they need, delivery on-demand, at their doorstep.

“Because of Postmates’ non-contact delivery options for certain items, Postmates drivers will leave deliveries on doorsteps, keeping these transactions completely contact-less, with no personal interaction required.”

To order items, customers can visit postmates.com or download the app.

Users can also get access to unlimited free delivery if they subscribe to Postmates’ membership service for US$9.99.

Postmates’ VP of Merchant Business Development, Craig Whitmer, added: “Community health and safety is paramount at Postmates, so we’re working to support our merchant partners, like Walgreens, and get essential items into the hands of our customers.”

New York is the US state that has been hit hardest by coronavirus.

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It has almost 84,000 confirmed cases of the disease and 2,220 people have died, according to the Johns Hopkins website resource site.