Why skin measurements are important for Skin Care Product R&D?

Published: 18-May-2022

Skin care product claims are statements that are mainly used in advertising to highlight the product features and to differentiate one skin care product from another. Claims related to product performance and efficacy must be supported with evidence and comply with regulations and informed decision-making.

As the cosmetics and personal care market keeps growing, consumers have an increased number of options to choose from. Information being easily available, consumers are becoming more and more conscious of their choices and consumption habits. Therefore, it is essential to provide scientific proof of product efficacy to convince informed consumers.

Skin measurement instruments are used to create objective and reliable evidence for claims support to be used for both regulatory and marketing purposes. Such instruments allow the creation of reproducible study protocols that follow scientifically and statistically valid methods. Skin measurement instruments are commonly used for studying the effects of ingredients, raw materials, formulations, and finished products on skin as well as materials and products in vitro.

As an alternative to outsourced testing laboratory services, in-house testing has proven to be beneficial addition for skincare product R&D. Testing within the manufacturer’s own R&D laboratory gives immediate insights into the efficacy of product samples, and formulations can be adjusted at an early stage of the development. In-house product screening can save time and money but also builds up knowledge and experience for R&D personnel.

Delfin Technologies Ltd offers solutions for studying many important skin properties

  • The VapoMeter®: transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
  • The MoistureMeterSC: skin surface hydration (SH)
  • The MoistureMeterEpiD: skin’s deep hydration down to epidermal level
  • SkinColorCatch: skin color, melanin and erythema
  • SkinGlossMeter: skin gloss
  • ElastiMeter: skin elasticity
  • SebumScale: skin sebum

What to consider when selecting skin measurement instrumentation?

  • Scientific basis of the measurement
  • Reliability and sensitivity
  • Practicality and easiness-of-use
  • Measurement time

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