World first make-up printer announces launch

The Contour 8000 is a precision engineered device that is said to apply a base of make-up in 30 seconds



The first-ever make-up application printer is preparing to descend on the beauty industry.

The Contour 8000, founded by Catherine Gardner, is said to apply a make-up base in 30 seconds.

It works by using cartridges filled with the product, which will then be sprayed onto the face.

Gardner set out to create the product in order to make it easier and quicker for women to apply their make-up.

She said: “It is actually quite boring putting on make-up and I wanted to try to find a way for us to save time.”

Chief Engineer Orson Mack added: “The way the cartridges needs to work is absolutely key.

“The process of printing ink onto a flat piece of paper is completely different to printing a power-based substance onto a human face.”

It then took the team nine months to develop to technology to ensure the biometric data from an image of the customer’s face would work with the electrostatic spray disposition and apply the product accurately.

The printer offers six different make-up looks including Autumn Glow, Summer Shimmer, Ultra Smoke, Barely There, Festival Glam and Out Out.

To use the product, customers can download the app, select the look they want, load the cartridges and then place their head over the printer.

Users will then need to apply their own mascara and lipstick.

The product is set to cost £800, with cartridges at £25 each.

A launch date yet to be released.

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