XS dispenser, a new dispensing pump by Eurovetrocap

Published: 14-Dec-2022

Eurovetrocap introduces XS, a new dispensing pump especially developed for glass bottles Make Up 15, 30 and 50 ml and Laura XL 15 and 30 ml (sp. 18/400 neck)

Thanks to its reduced diameter (24 mm collar) and square-shaped actuator, the pump has a compact, versatile and modern aspect. It is part of the Idea series, a POM-free engine developed and produced by Eurovetrocap that boast a 250 µl dose, fit for most skincare formulae. Standard in matte finish (black and white), the XS pump can be produced in a shiny finish on request.

A light and discrete finishing touch, the XS overcap is available in matte and shiny finishes and is flush with the pump. In alternative, the Soft Black overcap, supple and pleasant to the touch, and the Ecork overcap, produced from discarded cork, both cover the XS pump and are flush with the bottle, giving the set a slender appearance.
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