Purearth weighs in on copper alloys and Covid-19 immunity protection, according to Ayurveda

Published: 3-Aug-2020

Kavita Khosa, founder and CEO of Purearth, an award winning, Leaping Bunny approved, clean skincare brand, talks about immunity boosting skincare and wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective, and the use of copper and copper alloys for their anti viral properties during times of Covid-19.

In conversation with The Future Collective, a sustainable art and design platform, Kavita Khosa shares her insights and research on copper and kansa or bronze, a copper alloy to boost immunity. Khosa discusses the use of Purearth’s patent pending Kwansha Beauty Coin – an alloy of purified copper and tin as an aid in boosting immunity and fighting inflammation.

According to Purearth, Ayurvedic texts prescribe kansa as the ideal metal for both cooking and eating. Kansa was widely used in ancient India for centuries for its immense health benefits.

Khosa is on a mission to revive the use of kansa and copper for both beauty and health especially in times of Covid-19.

To learn more, watch the full webinar on Purearth’s Youtube channel.

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