Tackling Out of Office anxiety

Published: 11-Jul-2023

Out of office anxiety is a modern problem that causes many of us to fail to properly enjoy our holidays. Instead of switching off and enjoying the time away from the office, we stress and fuss and spend far too much time thinking about the very thing we are supposed to be getting away from

So what can we do to ensure we actually enjoy our breaks away from work? Well, there are a few steps we can take which ensure we are able to leave it all behind for a few days, a week, or even longer.

Here’s how to tackle that out of office anxiety.

Prepare for your absence

This is the key to everything else on this list. Make sure everything that needs doing is done before you go, and that anything that needs doing while you’re away is organised. Make sure everyone knows what extra tasks need doing and who is meant to be doing them while you are away.

Also ensure everybody actually knows you will be gone and from what date so they can ask of you anything they need now instead while you are away.

Set clear boundaries

Speak to your superiors and your colleagues and make sure they know that you will not be answering any work-related calls, texts or emails while you are away. As with the preparation tip above, give everyone plenty of notice to make any requests of you before you leave for your holiday.

Use your OOO to redirect queries

Use your OOO wisely by including information for the caller or emailer to contact another member of staff that can help them. This will help prevent too much work building up and waiting for your return.

Do include the date that you will be returning, but make sure the most prominent information is the contact details for other staff members who can help instead.

Turn off all work notifications

Make sure you turn off all work-related notifications just before you leave. Part of the anxiety caused by being away from the office is knowing that there is something that needs doing. But there will always be something somewhere that needs doing. Just keep in mind that for the duration of your holiday, it is up to someone else to do that something.

Don’t let yourself be tempted by notifications. Turn them all off!

Adopt the right mindset

As well as preparing all your work to ensure it is either completed or covered before you go, you need to prepare your mind to let go of your professional responsibilities. It is crucial that you do so you can gain the most benefit from your holiday.

We all need proper rest and relaxation or we risk burning out. Having proper breaks from work actually makes us much more productive, so don’t shy away from yours and embrace them for every second you can.

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