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Zebrafish imaging breakthrough may unlock answers to human skin and hair pigmentation

Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine have found a way to visualise every cell containing melanin pigment in 3D in the stripy freshwater...

ChromaDex completes pterostilbene UV trial

US naturals firm ChromaDex has announced the completion of an animal skincare study of pterostilbene, which the firm says shows that the substance...

China gives L’Oréal the Episkin all clear

French cosmetics giant L’Oréal has been granted a business licence in China to market its Episkin reconstructed skin model

Genetics, epigenetics, proteomics and the microbiome in skin and hair regeneration

Filaggrin processing, epigenetic modifications and the skin's stratum microbium at IFSCC

In vitro sensitization tests: a long and winding road

Skin sensitization tests are one of the current hot topics in the world of cosmetic ingredients evaluation as we are at the crossroad between anima...

Natural alternatives to harmful microplastics

With microplastics, in the form of plastic exfoliant microbeads, being so harmful for the environment and our whole ecosystem, the availability of...

Tissue Viability Imaging for quantitative user-independent assessment

This report looks at the Tissue Viability Imaging for quantitative user-independent assessment of erythema, blanching and other skin parameters

Lonza to buy Arch Chemicals in US$1.4bn deal

Lonza will become world leading microbial control business

Rising to the challenge

Ready-to-use strains make complex and time-consuming challenge tests easy, avoiding retests and extra costs

Cosmetic science faces the future

Covering biology, chemistry and physics, with a smattering of psychology, the report asks the industry to explore the realms of possibility in cosm...

Prevention and solution

A presentation of the novel and acclaimed cosmetic ingredients for 2014, as John Woodruff reports