Teens boost US deodorant market, says Mintel

Published: 2-May-2012

Scented and solid products top list of younger consumers\' requirements

The deodorant and antiperspirant industry in the US grew 16% between 2006 and 2011, according to Mintel. The market intelligence company also said the market would continue to thrive through 2016 and beyond thanks to population growth in the region.

Teens are proving a particularly lucrative demographic for deodorant manufacturers, although Mintel said companies should be sure to cater to teens’ specific needs. “Antiperspirant/deodorant use among teens is at 92%, placing them on par with adults,” commented Amy Ziegler, global personal care analyst at Mintel. “However, teens and adults have different requirements for their deodorants, so it’s important that manufacturers market to each segment appropriately. Marketers should consider distributing samples at teen oriented clothing stores and using social networking sites to build interest in their brand.”

When it comes to format, teens are said to favour scented products to a greater extent than adults (93% compared to 78%). Meanwhile 77% of teens prefer solid or stick products and 76% like clear or invisible deodorants.

Mintel also found that younger users are also more likely to experiment with different deodorant brands than their older counterparts, which reinforces that younger consumers should be a core focus for marketers.

Elsewhere the natural and organic movement has not made the same impact in the world of underarm care as it has in other industries. Mintel research found only one in ten people use natural deodorant with less than one in 20 buying organic. However 14% of women and 16% of men reported having skin that is easily irritated by deodorant, which could help drive sales of natural, organic and hypoallergenic formulations in the future.

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