The Perfume Shop swaps cellophane gift wrap for wood pulp alternative

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 10-Nov-2022

Wood pulp said to be fully biodegradable and compostable, and can be placed in garden waste bins once finished with

The Perfume Shop (TPS) will swap its current polypropylene wrap with Natureflex Eco Wrap,  a wood pulp alternative, for its holiday gift wrapping this year.

Across TPS’ portfolio of 230 stores, approximately 70,000 gifts are hand-wrapped by store staff annually.

The retailer added the choice to update its wrapping material comes at a time where “maximum impact can be made”.

“We know that even in these economically challenging times, our customers and colleagues still rate sustainability high on their list of priorities and that as a business, we must keep pushing to do more for our planet,” said Karen Harris, The Perfume Shop’s Head of Marketing.

The material is manufactured and sourced in the UK to reduce carbon emissions and is said to be fully biodegradable and compostable.

TPS said once customers have finished with the wrap, they can be placed in garden waste bins.

“Natureflex is a fantastic step towards a future that’s less reliant on plastic and our store teams can’t wait to start telling shoppers that their Christmas gifts will now be wrapped with wood pulp,” said Harris.

The Perfume Shop aims to ensure all packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

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