Timeless beauty: The everlasting quest for skin longevity

Published: 27-Jun-2023

We humans have created the "flow of time" concept to better grapple with the variations of our fateful world. Yet, we differentiate time from fate. While the former delineates these incremental changes, the latter befalls us like a sentence. In our biological framework, time and fate inexorably evoke the gradual loss of integrity of our largest organ: the skin

However, skin ageing mechanisms are unraveling thanks to modern cellular and molecular advances, and brands are striving to offer groundbreaking strategies that combine prevention and treatment. The integration of cutting-edge scientific approaches in the functionality of these cosmetics has the promise to usher in a new paradigm of cutaneous destiny and ease the ravages of time on health and beauty.

Cellular senescence in the skin

The principal cell of connective tissue, the fibroblast, is endowed with a set capital of divisions, and once spent the onset of cell senescence begins. This is an irreversible state in which the fibroblast can no longer divide yet remains metabolically active, secreting a cocktail of inflammatory molecules that deteriorate the functioning of neighbouring cells.

Although, in principle, senescent fibroblasts are eliminated by the immune system, some escape by avoiding detection. This “immunoevasive” population of fibroblasts persists in the dermis, causing a progressive decline in the quality of cutaneous tissue. This in turn causes the degradation of the extracellular matrix, the progressive decrease of density of the dermis, and the lower rate of epidermal renewal. Wrinkles are thus significantly more visible, the elasticity of the skin is decreased, and the complexion grows dull.

An advanced strategy to reactivate the youth of the skin

In 2023, SILAB launched SENEVISIUM®, a novel innovative strategy integrated in a powerful anti-ageing concentrate, and the first natural active ingredient that targets “immunoevasive” senescent cells.

Its development was inspired by the Ginkgo biloba tree, recognised for its exceptional longevity. Believed to prolong life, this triumphal emblem of Nature has been used in medicinal preparations for thousands of years.

By optimising the value of the molecular richness found in the leaves of this miraculous and sacred tree, SENEVISIUM ® helps circumvent the “immunoevasion” strategies of senescent fibroblasts and reactivates their natural elimination by the immune system.

It has been shown in vivo, in volunteers over the age of 65, that the active ingredient leads to a significant improvement in density of the dermis and of the elasticity of the skin. Tested at 2%, it visibly attenuates wrinkles and enhances complexion radiance for a healthy-glow effect perceptible as of 14 days of treatment. Epidermal renewal is also favoured with a significant effect as of 21 days of treatment. These cosmetic benefits continue and intensify after 28 days of treatment to the point of gaining 6 years for the stage of crow’s feet wrinkles and 9 years for elasticity of the skin. SILAB goes even further and proposes to eliminate the root causes of the onset of cell senescence using two other natural active ingredients.

Symbolic of youth and longevity, myrtle was the inspiration for the design of the active ingredient LONGEVICELL®. The anti-age potential of myrtle’s persistent foliage was concentrated in this unique active ingredient whose action promotes the expression of markers of cell longevity, and controls signalling pathways and glycation phenomena. Formulated at 4%, it visibly reduces wrinkles as of 28 days of twice-daily application.

Marigold, also called calendula, is a plant evoking perpetual flowering. It is recognised for its myriad of benefits and is listed in pharmacopeias. Ancient populations believed that marigolds could transform the skin, rendering it radiant and brimming with vitality. Obtained from its flower rich in oligosaccharides, EPIGENOMYL® limits modifications of the epigenome resulting from age and external aggressions such as UVs. It enables the organism to adapt to environmental stress and limit skin ageing: it smooths microrelief, attenuates wrinkles and increases elasticity of the skin.

The trio of “Timeless Beauty” natural active ingredients, SENEVISIUM®, LONGEVICELL® and EPIGENOMYL®, target the mechanisms of cell senescence to preserve or strategically restore the integrity and beauty of the skin.

Attentive to cutting edge scientific innovations, combined with its extensive knowledge and mastering of the plant kingdom, SILAB continually develops natural and high performing active ingredients. Nature inspires the renowned French supplier to adopt a strategic R&D policy that respects natural ecosystems. The perfect balance between high-tech contributions to cosmetic innovation, societal commitments and a profound respect for the planet, has become the signature identity of all SILAB products for more than 35 years.

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