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INOLEX is a leading independent and global specialty cosmetic ingredient company, that combines a deep understanding of lifestyle trends with expertise in synthesis and formulation to provide materials used by the world’s leading consumer product companies.


INOLEX has been at the forefront of designing & developing novel technologies to meet changing demands of the cosmetic industry, including new non-toxic technologies for preserving cosmetics, high performance polymers for sun care applications, and renewable green chemistry ingredients that replace petrochemicals. INOLEX is committed to innovation, sustainable technologies & the preservation of biodiversity in all its activities and is acutely focused on quality, environmental management & effective solutions for formulation challenges.

Key Personnel

  • Conrad Plimpton – Chairman of the Board
  • David Plimpton – Chief Executive Officer
  • Ken Fischer – Chief Administration Officer
  • Rocco Burgo – Chief Scientist, Head of R&D
  • Art Knox – VP, Global Sales, Personal Care
  • Fana Makonnen – Global Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Technologies, Patents, New Products

  • Polyesterification, transesterification, amidation and quaternization
  • LipFeel Natural – Natural Emollient for Lipstick
  • Emulsense™ – Natural Cationics
  • Spectrastat™ – Alternative Preservatives
  • LexFeel – Natural Silicone Replacement

Major Markets

  • Hair Care
  • Skin Care
  • Sun Care
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Body Care
  • Alternative Preservation
  • Silicone Alternatives
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Solvents
  • Sensory Fluids
  • Film Formers
  • Conditioning Agents
  • Palm-Free Alternatives

Major Products

  • Emulsense™ – Natural cationic agent for hair conditioning and skin care.
  • LexFeel N Series – Natural silicone and dimethicone alternatives.
  • Spectrastat™ – Broad spectrum alternative preservation.
  • Lexgard – Alternative preservation system for cosmetic ingredients, available as a natural
  • LexFilm – Waterproof polymer for sun care.
  • Kerabase™ – Complete conditioning base designed for performance and ease-of-use.
  • Kerazyne™ – Novel polymeric conditioning additive for hair care.
  • ProCondition™ 22 – Electrostatically substantive conditioning agent for both leave-on and rinse-off products.
  • SustOleo™ – Palm-free texturizers, emollients and emulsifiers.
  • ClariSilk™ – 2-in-1 Conditioning agent for clear systems.
  • PhytoTrace™ – Traceable, sustainable botanical extracts.

Global Capabilities

Global Headquarters:
Philadelphia, PA USA

European Headquarters:
Berlin, Germany

Domestic Offices:
Texas, USA
Florida, USA
New Jersey, USA
Pennsylvania, USA

Bangkok, Thailand
Berlin, Germany
Guangzhou, China
Kent, England
Mumbai, India
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tokyo, Japan

Pennsylvania, USA
Kallo, Belgium
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong


LipFeel; Emulsense; Spectrastat; LexFeel; Lexgard; LexFilm; Kerabase; Kerazyne; ProCondition; SustOleo; ClariSilk; PhytoTrace; LexSolv; Lexquat; WetFilm; Lexaine.