Fully recyclable droppers made with PCR materials

Published: 26-May-2022

Virospack expands its wide catalog respecting the enviroment

At last we can say that the cosmetics market is committed to sustainability. Virospack has been dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint or the production, so is fully prepared to face this challenge. Discover the range of 100% recyclable droppers from the specialist in droppers for cosmetics, made with PCR materials, or what is the same, post- consumer recycled.

Because today sustainability is no longer a trend, it's a need. More and more brands are concerned with the environment. The number of users who are committed to responsible consumption increases on a daily basis, more people include respect for the planet in their routines and purchasing habits. At Virospack we have been working in this direction for years with sustainability always present in our roadmap. Committed to green-conscious innovation, the company has been researching new recycled and recyclable materials. And now we are delighted to offer solutions that are fully respectful of our planet.

Our wide catalogue expands again. Virospack offers 100% recyclable droppers, produced with materials including PCR. The dropper can be disposed of in full in the plastic recyclable bin, as all the components are recycled together. As a bonus they are all produced with PCR materials, the bulb, the collar and the pipette. Droppers where the production CO2 emissions are reduced, as well as the waste generated after their use since they are fully recyclable.

We offer a wide spectrum of dropper models with all components produced with a high percentage of PCR, recycled and recyclable materials. PCR droppers that add to the available options of glass bottles also including PCR. Virospack, always controlling the entire production chain, has been working from the beginning on the development of sustainable materials, as well as more efficient production technologies and new designs that allow us to recycle manufacturing.

Our determination for sustainability has meant a new way of working for all Virospack employees. It has been a challenge that we faced a long time ago and that today has provided our production unit with great "green" knowledge, with the total integration of the 4R's applied in all sections, and the continuous improvement in the development of new industrial processes each time more sustainable.

If we talk about trends in packaging 2022, there is no doubt that packaging made with recycled and recyclable materials stand out as top trends. Nowadays everyone talks about packaging made with PCR materials but working with PCR materials while maintaining a high level of quality and finishes is not easy. Few packaging manufacturers can achieve these goals, and at Virospack we have achieved it.

All our PCR droppers are fully customisable to respond, also with sustainable articles, to the brand's desire for differentiation.

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