The importance of networking in the beauty industry and which events to attend

Published: 5-Jul-2023

Getting yourself out and about to network in the beauty industry is an excellent way to keep growing your client base

Achieving success in the beauty business requires finding more and more new clients, which in-person meetings at networking events can be perfect for. This is especially true for small business owners in the beauty industry who are yet to fully establish themselves as a known brand.

By going to events with people looking for the kind of services you provide, you will have a captive audience to market your business to. Now all you have to do is show them how good your business is!

Let’s look at some of the best beauty industry networking events you can attend.

Beauty Industry Trade Shows

Going to beauty industry trade shows whenever possible has to be a high priority for any small beauty business owners.

They might just the best networking event for the beauty industry, and you can do more than just attend as well. Get in touch with the organisers about setting up a stand or a table to exhibit and sell your goods.

Another possibility is the chance to meet people in your business who can be a source of valuable insight and advice, especially the likes of mentors and established names. You might even meet a talented candidate you would consider hiring in the future.

There are also different types of beauty industry trade shows, including general all-purpose events and very specific events such as organic-only beauty products.

Enjoy the general trade shows, but do seek out any niches your business fits into as well.

Conferences for Beauty Industry Experts

Another beauty industry networking event that can provide valuable experience for a small beauty business owner is the conference. These events often take a wider look at the industry in general, rather than looking solely at the products. So you will gain insight into the developing beauty trends, as well as learn about the latest industry research.

Some conferences may be more suitable than others, so look into the topics that each beauty industry conference will be focusing on and make your choice. There may be conferences focused on skin care products, or hairdressing techniques. Whatever your speciality is, there is bound to be a conference somewhere that is focused on something similar that you can attend.

Webinars and Virtual beauty Industry Events

Virtual events like webinars are easy to attend from the comfort of your own home, or beauty salon.

There are lots of beauty industry webinars happening throughout the year so use them to meet people and expand your contact list as well as your industry knowledge.

Remember too that simply participating in and sharing these events, you are getting your brand out there and in front of eyes that are genuinely interested in what you do.

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