Jaclyn Hill switches off social media amid ‘mouldy’ lipstick saga

By Becky Bargh | Published: 4-Jul-2019

The beauty vlogger kicked off her career in 2011 and has hosted videos with beauty royalty including Kim Kardashian West, Nikki Tutorials and James Charles

In the midst of her beauty brand’s contamination backlash, Jaclyn Hill has turned off the social media sites that made her famous.

The beauty vlogger was hit with a whirlwind of complaints after her lipsticks were found to be ‘mouldy’ and ‘hairy’, according to some customers.

Initially, Hill defended her lipstick manufacturers in a 14 minute video where she said that her products were not “hazardous” and “not unsafe for you [customers] in any way, shape or form”.

However, last week, her brand announced it would offer full refunds to anyone who purchased one of its So Rich Lipstick.

Now, the star’s social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram, have gone dark.

In one response to a fan, Hill said she needed to protect her “mental state first and foremost”.

Others claimed she needs to be held accountable for the contamination.

Meanwhile, amid the ‘angry’ complaints, some fans jumped to the CEO’s defence.

Despite turning off her virtual fans, Hill has chosen to keep her YouTube channel live but has remained silent since defending her lipsticks three weeks ago.

Hill's website jaclyncosmetics.com has also gone offline, with a disclaimer stating 'Jaclyn Cosmetics will be back'.

Image via jaclyncosmetics.com

Image via jaclyncosmetics.com

Jaclyn Hill lipstick's in pictures:

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