4 colour cosmetic formulations: Hard working make-up


Colour cosmetics are reaching new levels of activity and visual appeal

Cosmetics Business has selected make-up formulations that combine intense pigments and special effects with properties such as skin care or hair growth boosting.

From skin-protecting foundations to lip glosses that pop, colour cosmetics are reaching new levels of activity and visual appeal – here are four such creations:

Formulation 1

Croda's Moonshine Effects Pigments range adds sparkle and shine to this Keep it Glassy Lip Gloss – Pearlescent Plum product. The formulation uses Moonshine Colour Travel pigments to create multiple, multifaceted colours, while Maxi-Lip adds volume.


Combine phase A ingredients and heat to 75-80°C. Add phase B and stir. Once below 40°C add phase C with stirring. Stir and cool to room temperature.

Formulation 2

This recipe for a Kissproof Matte Lipcolor from BRB provides a high-definition, long lasting and flawless finish in an intense pink shade. The matte effect and silky touch are achieved through the use of BRB PMS-2, while colour-fastness is provided by BRB TMS-501.


Disperse phase B in phase A and heat up to 80°C. Pass phase AB through a three-roll mill twice. Cool down and add phase C below 30°C. Add phases D and E while mixing and fill the pack.

Formulation 3

Big brows remain big business. This Eye Brow Gel – Dark Blonde formula is made using pigments from Eckart and active cosmetic ingredients from CLR to ensure that brows look their best instantly and in the long term.


Disperse Optigel WX-PC into water phase. Add phase B to A. Mix phase C until homogenous. Add phase C to AB and the pigments of phase D. Stir until uniform and add the ingredients of phase E one-by-one.

Formulation 4

This month's fourth formulation is for My Protective DD Foundation, developed by IFF-Lucas Meyer.

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Heat A to 75°C. Mix B; add at 75°C under mixing. Increase speed to 1,200rpm. Add C to AB. Mix D and add to ABC. Mix E and heat to 75°C; pour into ABCD. Emulsify. Cool to rtp. Add F and G at <40°C.

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