A mind-linked Bathbot? Korea's Amorepacific on wellness trends of the future

By Megan Fahy 17-Mar-2022

Changwook Cheung researcher at Amorepacific, speaks about the increased interest in personalised beauty and spotting wellness trends of the future

Amorepacific creates bath bombs using the 'mind-linked' Bathbot

Amorepacific has created an 'industry first' mind-linked Bathbot that recommends fragrances and colours based on consumers' brainwaves.

The South Korean beauty giant uses electroencephalography (EEG) to analyse the electrical activity of the brain neurons in real-time to create a personalised bath bomb based on the emotions detected.

Developed in partnership with R&D hub IMEC, the ergonomically-designed headset identifies three indicators – valence, arousal and preference – to determine the emotional state of the user.

The Bathbot then recommends fragrances and colours to create a personalised bath bomb to suit their needs.

With the link between wellness, emotions and personalisation growing ever stronger, Changwook Cheung, researcher at Amorepacific, explores the brand’s advancements in technology and spotting wellness trends of the future.

Why did Amorepacific create a personalised device such as the Bathbot?

Amorepacific is exploring...

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