Ashland is the latest supplier to meet the ‘clean’ sleep trend


Nightessence biofunctional is a natural extract from lavender flowers

Speciality materials supplier Ashland has announced the launch of an active cosmetic ingredient developed to restore skin overnight, so that it looks rested, renewed and illuminated by morning.

Nightessence biofunctional is a natural extract from lavender flowers derived using Ashland’s proprietary, patented small RNA technology (PSR). The Lavandula angustifolia lavender used is sustainably grown in Provence, France, 140km from the Ashland biofunctional facility.

Ashland explained that the launch of Nightessence biofunctional related to the growing trend for ‘clean’ sleep, which focuses on habits and behaviours that can improve the quality of sleep, resulting in a better-rested feel and look.

“Ashland’s Nightessence biofunctional enhances skin’s naturally occurring nocturnal process, dysregulated by hectic lifestyles, visible light and sun, and helps skin boost essential night-time molecules, such as timezyme and melatonin,” said Jöel Mantelin, the company’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

The ingredient was clinically tested on a group of 36 Asian volunteers who either worked night shifts or who stayed up very late. After using the product for a month, the volunteers showed a more rested skin with fewer dark circles.

Ashland’s Nightessence biofunctional is one of several recently launched active skin care ingredients claiming to work overnight to combat the negative effects of poor sleep quality.

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Earlier this month, Givaudan Active Beauty introduced Synchronight, which allows skin melatonin to better regulate the sleep-wake cycle, while IceAwake from Mintel Grooup Biochemistry (launched in Autumn 2019) was developed to address the short- and long-term ageing effects of poor sleep hygiene.

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