Ask Heidi: 'My boss is a nightmare. Shall I just leave?'


In this month's real-life advice column, recruitment and careers specialist Heidi Bannister helps one reader come to terms with a difficult workplace relationship

Q: My boss is a nightmare. She criticises everything I do and it’s so bad that I dread coming to work.

Last week I worked really hard to finish a project that I've been working on for ages. I met the deadline with a piece of work that I was really proud of, but instead of offering me any positive feedback, she just brushed me off making a comment about the fonts I had chosen and why I didn't include a specific stat.

I'm losing hope and I really don't look forward to coming into the office on a Monday. Shall I just leave?

A: I'm sorry to hear this. No one should dread going to work, so I suggest you think this through before taking action. If you don’t get to the root of the problem now, it could follow you from job to job.

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Firstly, take an objective ...

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