BASF answers call for sustainable ingredients with renewable solution

By Becky Bargh 17-Feb-2022

Cetiol SoftFeel is an alternative to petroleum-based ingredients

Ingredient can be used in eco-friendly and waterless formulas

BASF – a cosmetic chemicals giant – is keeping up with demand for sustainable ingredients with its new soft-solid emollient.

Made from renewable ingredients, Cetiol SoftFeel is an alternative to petroleum-based compounds.

Beauty formulators can use the ingredient for waterless formulas and eco-friendly formulas.

It joins BASF’s Care Creations portfolio.

“Cetiol SoftFeel exemplifies BASF’s commitment to clean and natural ingredients that fit with market trends,” said Nader Mahmoud, BASF’s VP of Business Management for Personal Care North America.

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“As consumer needs and concerns evolve, we must continue innovating alternative solutions, which deliver both in performance and sustainability attributes.”

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