Biotherm sets up stage in Norway's Oslo Airport


Podium based on 'retail-tainment' concept

Biotherm has set up its ‘biggest podium of the season’ at Oslo Airport in Norway. The podium will be on display from 1 March to 30 April.

The podium’s concept is based on ‘retail-tainment’, according to the brand, providing various different experiences to engage the consumer, while the main focus of the podium is hydration.

Among the experiences on offer, travellers can stop to undergo a personalised skin diagnosis that uses Blue Smart technology and helps to identify their ideal skin care routine. Meanwhile, passers-by are also invited to try out a unique hydration experience.

Aside from these experiences, the main focus of the podium is ‘the oculus experience’ (pictured right), which provides an in-store 360 experience in the eyes and ears of worldwide kitesurfing champion Youri Zoon by using Oculus rift technology. Using goggles and headphones, customers can view, hear and imagine all of Zoon’s sensations from a video he recorded of the lanscapes surrounding him when performing a kitesurfing performance in Tarifa, Spain.

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The new podium is not the only hydration-inspired novelty to come from Biotherm in recent months. In early April, windsurf champion Florian Jung and marine biologist Dr Frauke Bagusche partnered with Biotherm Homme as they took on a 72-day sailing mission from Guadeloupe to Marseille. As well as performing important research into the ocean and microorganisms that inhabit them, Jung put the brand’s new Aquapower 72H hydrating moisturiser to the test while on the task.