Caroline Hirons: Why one of beauty’s most influential women doesn’t believe in influencers

By Alessandro Carrara 2-Feb-2023

In this exclusive interview with Cosmetics Business, Caroline Hirons reveals her true thoughts on influencer marketing, why Space NK is years ahead of Sephora in the UK and what the future of Skin Rocks holds

Caroline Hirons launched her blog in 2010

Caroline Hirons launched her blog in 2010

Caroline Hirons, one of the beauty industry’s most influential skin care experts, says she has always tried to distance herself from the word influencer.

“If you present yourself as someone whose function in life is to influence people, that is a very narrow path for you to stay on,” she tells Cosmetics Business. “It really marginalises people.”

Despite not wanting to be referred to as such, Hirons knows since launching her blog in 2010 that she is often seen as one.

“Although these days I am also a 'key opinion leader',” she adds jokingly. 

Hirons is best known for her passion for beauty and oftentimes honest and unfiltered opinions.

The fun and energetic style has allowed her to stand out in the skin care scene, with over 700,000 people following her on Instagram.

But the image of an influencer has “changed tenfold” since ...

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