Cosmetic brush manufacturer Taiki exhibits at MakeUp in Paris 2017


Taiki is the global expert in cosmetic application, combining science and design to deliver innovative solutions to the leading beauty brands. Taiki began as a cosmetic sponge manufacturer and evolved into a leading cosmetic brush manufacturer and supplier of cosmetic containers, beauty masks and makeup application tools.

For the third time, Taiki continues the story of Taiki Beauty Lab with a new box edition, launched on the occasion of the summer season.

This seasonal collection, based on one of the major beauty trends of next year, will be showcased twice a year. It will feature some key products representative of Taiki expertise in cosmetic application. This is the occasion to discover not only new products, but also new design possibilities.

Taiki Beauty Lab#3 - Tropical Feeling

This year the new seasonal collection S/S 2018 from Taiki takes you to the feeling of freshness, energy and happy sunset colour.

This collection has real appeal for holidays, relaxation and aquatic sensation without forgetting to take care of your own beauty.

3D Sunset brush

3D Brush with sea sunset inspired design. New application gesture with this 3 dimensional brush head design patented by Taiki, for flawless make-up without demarcation.

This amazing brush allows to create very natural gradation:

  • Dense middle fibers hold product to apply it on skin.
  • Outer feathery fibers create contoured natural finish in same time, without any lines.
  • The brush is made with 100% animal-free fibers.
  • It is suitable for every type of makeup formula (fluid foundations, pressed powders, creamy formula‚Ķ)

Fresh Matifying Film

This matifying film leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It offers an exclusive micro porous film (based on exclusive 3M innovation) for an easy to use, immediate anti-gloss effect without retouching make-up.

It has a high absorption capacity and a visual control of efficacy.

This product can absorb oil but not water due to hydrophobic film. You can still enjoy the moisturisers or lotion already applied on your skin.

The nomad envelope format allows for ease of use and convenience.

Sea and Sun Sponge

A high quality sponge with bi-color flocked pattern.

This sponge is an exclusive process from Taiki which combines:

  • Premium NBR foaming process (TBS) for an incredibly soft make-up application and perfect results
  • New selective flocking technique for a specific sponge design with a centre pattern and 2 different colours

Aquatic Refresh Patch

This translucent natural looking gel patch provides the perfect cooling sensation for eye contour.

This is a technological improvement over traditional mask delivery systems and offers superior delivery for the highest absorption rate.

This is the best solution for starting your day or after a sunny beach day offering a refreshing, cooling feeling.

This patch forms a second skin due to the high adhesion properties, occlusion effect and transparency: relax and let the patch do the work!

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Visit Taiki at MakeUp in Paris - Booth no. #K9