Crystal-based skin care explained in online series


Kristals Cosmetics creates YouTube tutorials for crystal-based skin care products

Kristals Cosmetics has launched a series of YouTube tutorials for its gemstone-based skin care products.

The company has released four videos, each detailing one of Kristals Cosmetics’ gemstone ranges: Amber, Gold, Diamond and Ruby. The company produces skin care products based on 12 gemstones traditionally used for their healing properties, as well as botanical extracts and herbal oils.

Shay Segev, President and CEO at Kristals Cosmetics explained: “We believe that beautiful skin isn’t just the result of the right chemicals. Helping someone improve their skin is essentially healing, and for centuries healing has happened by harnessing the power the natural world around us, including gemstones. That’s why we developed Kristals.”

The videos are designed to support Kristal Cosmetics’ customers after purchase. Segev explained: “Because Kristals’ products are based on a unique use of gemstones to create bioenergised formulations inspired by ancient, holistic traditions, educating customers in their optimal use is crucial.”

Segev also hopes that the videos will introduce new consumers to the brand. He added: “It’s the experience that truly lets customers understand the transformative effect of Kristals’ products, especially the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects, so we’re trying to provide that.”

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Kristals Cosmetics is also working with several beauty bloggers and magazines. It will also offer larger scale giveaways and samples on its website to encourage more people to try out the products.

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