DECIEM teams up with celebrity doctor to launch 'lip fillers in a tube'

By Sarah Parsons 29-Sep-2017

ESHO is a new brand dedicated to helping consumers achieve the perfect pout

Beauty enthusiasts will have been watching disruptive beauty brand DECIEM closely since conglomerate Estée Lauder Companies acquired a minority stake in June.

This week the brand launched its first product since the investment – and for the first time is focusing on lips.

ESHO was created in partnership with, and named after, award-winning British cosmetics specialist Dr Tijion Esho.

“When we first met Dr Tijion Esho (the super doctor renowned for aesthetic lip treatments), he seemed too cuddly for us to think it would take over a year of beating our lab up to develop formulations that would get his way-too-critical blessing,” DECIEM announced via Instagram.

“Now, 68 formula trials later, we have done it. Say hello to our new brand, ESHO, dedicated to everything lips.”

Available exclusively via, the new brand has debuted three products.

Sculpt (£29) aims to enhance visible lip volume and shape as an alternative to aesthetic injections.

Pause (£27) is designed to complement aesthetic injections by helping to maintain visible volume.

Finally, Drench’s (£12) formulation combines oil and water reservoirs to build hydrating barriers on the lips.

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DECIEM said the formulas bring together complex direct peptides, polymers, plant bio-derivatives and saccharides in high concentrations in lightweight systems that are designed to be pro-circulation, pro-collagen, pro-HA and pro-fat.