DIY dentistry: How new tech will bring dental treatment into the home

By Jo Allen 18-Aug-2022

Dental crises are deepening, but devices featuring AI-based guidance and at-home professional support could spot oral health issues before they become problematic

DIY dentistry: How new tech will bring dental treatment into the home

This article was originally published in the August issue of Cosmetics Business Trend Report

The term ‘DIY dentistry’ brings to mind recent reports of people pulling out their own teeth in desperation due to the deepening NHS dentist crisis.

But oral care brands and tech companies are reimagining how consumers will be able to look after their oral health in the future, by bringing professional services into the home.

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Picture a device that consumers can use in their own bathroom to take high resolution scans of their own teeth and gums and send them directly to a dentistry provider for an at-home consultation. This technology is already a reality – US teledentistry platform Grin has an app and a device called the Grin Scope that connects patients to real orthodontists in their community.


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