Discover Joybliss and create your own happiness

Published: 12-Jul-2023

Bliss is an immeasurable state of complete joy. All of us have our own joy list of happiness to become a healthier and more radiant version of ourselves. We, bliss-seekers, are on the pursuit of complete joy

According to psychologists your wheel of life should be as full as possible to bring balance to your life and create happiness. In the same way, to bring to your skin a refreshed and younger appearance your wheel of plumping should also be as full as possible.

Discover Joybliss and create your own happiness

Joybliss™ comes from the LipoTrue Greenbeat™, a botanical platform. It is a combination of Vitis vinifera extract coming from the Greenology stem cells technology and the extract of the root's Black cohosh.

Joybliss™ is a green active ingredient that helps to fill the wheel of plumping. Joybliss™ induces adipogenesis differentiation and prevents the adipose tissue aging by modulating its inflammation and increasing the collagen I content in the hypodermis thanks to the communication between adipocytes and fibroblasts.

Joybliss™ reduces crow’s feet and nasolabial wrinkles as a plumper ingredient, soothes erythema and brings radiance to the skin. Joybliss™ also increases the positive mood and decreases the vocal markers of stress to help you to create your own happiness.

Once your wheel of plumping is filled your skin looks younger and the joy that you feel emanates all around you.

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