Discover V/WA at NYSCC booth 1361

Published: 27-Apr-2023

Innovation in the beauty industry can come from a variety of sources, LipoTrue has innovation at heart, and they have accepted the challenge of pushing it to the limit and their latest breakthrough proves just that

This year LipoTrue (booth 1361) will present at NYSCC Suppliers Day 2023 two of its most innovative active ingredients: Poptide™, a cyclic peptide and a total vertical integrated active ingredient from marine origin, V/WA™, which has been short-listed for Best Ingredient at the in- cosmetics Global Awards. LipoTrue is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the beauty industry, and this nomination is a testament to its commitment to providing effective and sustainable solutions for its customers.

Poptide™ is a cyclic peptide that organizes skintropy (the chaos on our skin) by raising BiP and calreticulin (folding optimizers) in the endoplasmic reticulum improving protein folding. Acts on the Wrinkle’s Daily Cycle by reducing morning and evening wrinkles, redefining the wrinkle’s daily fluctuation.

On the other hand, V/WA™ is a fully vertical integrated product that completely controls the three key steps of the process: D/scover, Develop and Del/ver. This marine active ingredient is specifically designed to target expression wrinkles and challenging hidden wrinkles often revealed when smiling or frowning.

From the discovery of a new microorganism to the development of a novel approach for expression wrinkles, V/WA™ has emerged as a game-changing active ingredient.

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