Dow Corning discusses new w/o silicone emulsifier

Formulation possibilities suitable for PEG-free systems

By Cindy Delvallé, Concettina Scavuzzo, Alice Delaunay, Sayuri Sawayama, Seiki Tamura, Tatsuo Souda and Seiji Hori

Silicone-based water-in-silicone (w/s) and water-in-oil (w/o) emulsifiers have existed since the mid-1980s, and a broad range of these materials is now available. W/o systems provide benefits such as wash-off resistance, substantivity, improved barrier properties, emolliency, moisturisation and, in some cases, can influence the penetration of actives.

Silicone-based emulsifiers can impart the same benefits without most of the drawbacks associated with w/o systems, such as greasy feel, difficult and costly manufacturing and less formulation flexibility when compared to oil-in-water systems. Silicone emulsifiers also provide broader options for oil phase, and expanded texture and sensory possibilities.

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