ESPA calm study suggests work stress is causing spots


Small lifestyle changes can reduce the physical and mental effects of daily stress, explains ESPA's neuroscientific expert

ESPA calm study suggests work stress is causing spots

Almost three quarters of respondents (74%) feel stress is having a negative impact on their skin, causing acne and dry and flaky patches, according to a new study by skin care and wellness brand ESPA.

The study, which questioned 523 volunteers about modern day stresses and how to feel calm, found everyone reported feeling stressed on a regular basis.

Tara Swart, ESPA Life’s Neuroscientist in Residence at the Corinthia Hotel in London said the study shows more people feel tense as they feel under threat from factors beyond their control.

The working day was found to be the biggest contributor to feelings of stress with almost two thirds (61%) feeling very stressed during their daily commute and almost three quarters (73%) feeling very stressed during working hours.

Swart said: “I would recommend reframing how people approach their commute – they should see it as a time to recharge and clear the mind, perhaps through a mindfulness exercise, rather than as a source of stress. Practicing mindfulness helps regulate emotions and builds up mental resilience.”

Just over half of the respondents (53%) take time to create their own calm and 38% of those opt to have a bath or go for a walk to calm themselves down.

Swart agreed that taking a bath or going for a walk would have positive effects on boosting mental resilience.

She explained: “Immersing the body in warm water leads to the release of oxytocin which can reduce loneliness and can prompt the brain to start producing the sleep inducing hormone melatonin which will improve the quality of sleep.”

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“Going for a walk will help boost levels of endorphins such as serotonin and moderate physical exercise like this can have the same effect on the brain as a small dose of antidepressants,” she added.