Eucerin teams up with Tia Mowry for dry skin clip

Published: 14-Nov-2016

Brand asks eczema patients to try its five-day challenge and see if it helps their dry skin

Eucerin has partnered with US actress Tia Mowry in an online clip asking consumers with dry skin to take the “Feel the Difference Challenge”.

The brand is asking those suffering from dehydrated skin and eczema to try their moisturisers and see if they notice the difference on their skin.

In the clip, Mowry explains how different her skin feels five days into the challenge.

Mowry said: “I have been battling eczema for five years, since the birth of my son. I find that stress, dry skin and diet can bring on eczema flare ups. When this happens, my number one priority is finding relief and preventing another flare-up in the future.”

Dermatologist Dr Rosemarie Ingleton also appears in the video explaining why the challenge helped Mowry. She said: “Since dry skin is a trigger for eczema, applying the right crème daily can do wondered for eczema-prone skin and help prevent flare ups.”

The video is the first in a series of clips from Eucerin that will explore other skin conditions and potential treatments.

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