Floral Street's founder thinks the world has 'enough beauty stuff' – and here's why

By Lucy Tandon Copp 13-Dec-2019

From flankers to pop stars and packaging, indie fragrance brand founder Michelle Feeney gives her point of view on the crowded beauty market

To say the beauty industry is booming is something of an understatement. New brands and launches are announced every day, and companies are vying for the attention – and trade – of consumers.

But in a market where sustainable practices and approaches to business are being prioritised, can mass consumerism ever truly align?

Here, Michelle Feeney, the founder of indie fragrance brand Floral Street, explains why the world has enough beauty stuff and what she thinks the industry should prioritise going forwards.

How do you think consumers are reacting to the niche fragrance movement?

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I think the niche fragrance world, which is centred around the perfumer, offers ...

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